Bumblebee Conservation Charity Pin

Bumblebee Conservation Charity Pin

Bees are incredible creatures and a lot of people don’t realise just how much they do for society! Without them, we would be at a loss, but unfortunately their numbers are decreasing.

I've designed this pin and patch combo as I’m so passionate about bees, and want to give 100% of the profits to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust who work on planting bee friendly plants and creating habitats for them to live (one of the big reasons their numbers are declining)

This listing is for one pin: 
♡ Soft enamel ♡ 
♡  35mm ♡
♡  Gold plating ♡ 
♡ Two posts ♡ 
♡  Secure rubber backings ♡ 

What is a “seconds” pin?

Seconds pins are pins that are less than perfect, which contain minor aesthetic defects, such as bubbles in the enamel, small scratches, marks, underfilled or overfilled enamel. They are still wearable and often the defect is so small, it can’t be seen from afar. 

T&C’s of purchasing Seconds graded pins:

I cannot guarantee what defect your pin may have. As you are willingly purchasing this pin knowing about the above possible defects, they cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.






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